Will Smith and Jada Pinkett
Will and Jada share two children: 18-year-old son Jaden Smith and daughter Willow Smith, 15 Kevin Winter/Getty

Jada Pinkett Smith took to social media to celebrate husband Will Smith's 48th birthday with a heartfelt message. The Gotham actress said that her husband is "the greatest gift" she could ever have had as she shared a video along with her message.

"I saw this video yesterday and it reminded me of all the wonderful ways you and I have made a difference together on this planet. We do so much good in this world together, Will and there is so much more to come. You have been the greatest gift to me in that way, by being a fire of inspiration in my heart," the 45-year-old actress wrote on Facebook. "I love you always. To the king of kings...Happy Birthday!!!! Jada."

In the video that she shared, the Men In Black actor can be seen at an underdeveloped nation, spending time with some children. He shared that he raised $789,000 (£610,000) for projects that will provide the local community with fresh water.

Last month, Will said that the secret to the success of his marriage was couple's therapy. Will and Jada have been married for 19 years.

"I've done a lot of marriage counselling. What happens in a marriage once you do counselling, the truth comes out," Will said, according to The Sun.

In November 2015, the Suicide Squad actor told Entertainment Tonight that marriage was his first priority.

"We've been married 20 years and we've been asking ourselves [what's the secret to marriage] and really at the end of the day it's just not quitting. You can't expect it to be easy, it's like our marriage was the most difficult, grueling, excruciating thing that we have ever taken on in our lives. And you know were just not quitters," he said.

"If there is a secret I would say is that we never went into working in our relationship. We only ever worked on ourselves individually, and then presented ourselves to one another better than we were previously," the actor added.

Will and Jada share two children – 18-year-old son Jaden Smith and daughter Willow Smith, 15.