Pretty Little Liars season 5 finale was nothing less than a joyride for fans who remained hooked to the ABC teen thriller till the end to identify 'A'.

To everyone's disappointment, Charles DiLaurentis emerged as the real A. The name is an anagram of the texts dropped at Mona's place when she was murdered.

Recap of PLL season 5 finale:

The episode begins with the liars, Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily in their orange jumpsuits being transported to another jail as the police want them to split up and spill the beans about the murders happening in Rosewood.

However, the plan goes wrong and the liars find themselves trapped in a room with a message that reads 'Home Sweet Home'. If that is not creepy enough, they are being watched by cameras installed in every corner of the room by their tormentor.

When the girls try to escape from the giant doll house, they are shocked to see Mona, wearing a blonde wig and mask. The girl from the dead insists that the liars should call her Alison and not Mona.

Meanwhile, 'A' wants to play with his/her life sized dolls and asks them to dress up for a prom night. During the staged party night he declares Alison/Mona as the winner and Spencer finally solves the riddle of the anagram and concludes that A is none other than Charles.

To confirm her curiosity, she enters Charles' room and discovers some family videos featuring the DiLaurentis family including twin brothers, a baby Alison and their mother.

Here are some Twitter reactions and memes about the big A reveal.

However, fans were unable to relate the serial killer of Rosewood with the latest character introduced in the season finale. They wanted an already established actor as the main villain of the ABC Family teen drama.

But to get an answer to the question of who Charles is in PLL, fans need to wait till the premiere of season 6 when show creator Marlene King will start unfolding his side of the story.