Fans are getting to see one twist after another in Pretty Little Liars season 6 as the girls continue with their desperate search for clues to locate A.

The liars, Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily are closely following up with every minute detail that they are witnessing, but now it seems like the suspicious behaviour of Sara Harvey is what will come into focus. Moreover, fans also of the view that Sara could be the masked villain of Rosewood.

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In the latest promo released by ABC Family, Sara is reluctant to meet Dr Anne Sullivan, a therapist. When Emily's mother Pam Field enters Sara's room to inform her that she has fixed an appointment for her therapy session, Sara behaves apprehensive and avoids the issue by going for a shower.

Sara was among the girls who were kidnapped and kept hostage at the underground Dollhouse. The only difference is that Sara was at the Dollhouse for two long years before being rescued.

According to a TVLine report, Sara could be the one who indulges in sadistic pleasure by torturing the girls as she was the one who was supplying them with food during their captivity and none of the liars, nor Mona ever saw the real face behind the mask, at the Dollhouse.

Further, Sara had dismissed that Andrew was 'A' and claimed that she never saw him during her two years in captivity.

Meanwhile, when the Rosewood police rescued all the girls, they found a literally broken Sara in another room, however, they could not find Charles DiLaurentis nor Andrew in the Dollhouse.

Does this mean that Sara might have played being a victim, while inside the Dollhouse to grab sympathy from the liars and from the locals?

While she has already attracted Emily towards her and away from the revelation of Charles' name, speculations are high that the tormentor of the liars might be a transgender. Another thing that stand out is that no one from Sara's family can be seen around and she ended up at Emily's doorstep. Is this deliberate?

It will be interesting to see, how Marlene King will narrate the story of A and reveal his/her real face before the liars and fans.

Pretty Little Liars season 6 episode 4 titled Don't Look Now will air this Tuesday on ABC Family.