Pretty Little Liars season 7
Aliosn finally expressed her love for Emily in Pretty Little Liars season 7 Freeform

Alison finally heard her heart's calling and did what she should have done long ago in the recent episode of Pretty Little Liars season 7, which aired on Tuesday 30 May on Freeform. The episode inched closer to the show's finale and the two major twists by the end of it literally set the stage for PLL endgame.

Emison happened finally:

No one really cares who is the father of Emily's baby, which is being nurtured inside Alison's womb. At least not after the heartwarming moment when Ali realised that her leaning towards her friend is nothing but love. She not only admitted it before Emily, but went as far as to propose her to be her family and sealed their love with a long kiss.

In the episode, the couple tries to sort the items ruined by Aria in the nursery. Ali uses the opportunity to reveal her sexuality and her true feelings for Emily. "I want to do this ... together. I want to be a family. Over the years, I've been in so many failed relationships, and I always made excuses why. I know the reason. Paige tried to get me to say it, but I didn't want to say it to her," she told her baby mama before saying "I love you," to her.

Emily is taken by surprise but before she can say anything Ali interrupts and says: "You told me not to do this until I was ready," and they kiss.

Fans have been waiting for the moment, which they are hailing as one of the most romantic scenes of PLL.

Apart from Emison romance, the episode dropped a major hint at an imminent death, probably of one of the liars, Spencer, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Alison. Lucas finally revealed his link with Charles aka Charlotte and how they corresponded through e-mails to write a graphic comic book.

However, he also dropped a bomb on the liars by saying that there is another book they co-wrote which is incomplete and missing. The episode ended with A.D. drawing a tomb underneath a tree in the missing book and write "here lies".