Prince Albert of Monaco is being asked to be open to the public when it comes to his wife Princess Charlene's health condition if he wants to avoid unwanted speculations.

The secrecy surrounding the princess' health has led to rumours that range from cosmetic surgery to marital problems, both of which the prince has since shut down. However, the family continues to stay tight-lipped even with the 44-year-old already back home in Monaco.

The former Olympic swimmer has returned to the principality following four months of treatment at a Swiss facility. It is unclear what the treatment is for, but it is said to be for her mental and physical health.

Princess Charlene underwent a series of surgeries to treat an ENT infection she contracted during her stay in South Africa. She was in the country in May and only returned to her family in Monaco in November. But a few days later, she entered a treatment clinic and has since missed out on several important family occasions, including the birthday of her twin children and her own birthday.

Prince Albert continues to deny there is anything wrong with their marriage and that his wife underwent plastic surgery. He said it was her decision to seek help because she "already knew the best thing to do was to go and have a rest and have a real medically framed treatment."

However, Brittani Barger, the deputy editor of Royal Central, said it would be best for the royal to tell the truth about the princess' illness. This is the only way to stop the speculations and him having to defend his wife.

"There are still so many questions regarding this – What caused her to almost die? There are so many questions that I don't know if we'll ever get the answers to because of how private the Princely Palace is," she said.

"Of course, that is going to lead to more rumours and speculation about all kinds of different things – marriage, mental health. So, in all honesty, it would probably be best if the Princely Palace came out and was honest and said, 'This is exactly what happened. She is getting treatment for this,'" Barger suggested and added, "And then, let it go at that, end the speculation."

She then alluded to Prince Albert's interview with People in November, in which he shared a few, albeit "mysterious" details about Princess Charlene's health. Barger warned that "it's not just people in Monaco" who wonder about the princess but that it has "gotten to where it's a global thing." She advised that it would be best for the prince to "answer so many questions that everyone has" by being "more open and come out and say what was going on."

Princess Charlene
Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco