Prince Andrew's appearance at Prince Philip's memorial divided the public. There are those who thought it was only right for him to be at his father's thanksgiving service, while others claimed he only brought shame to what could have been a poignant gathering.

It is said that the initial plan was for the Duke of York to arrive at Westminster Abbey with his children, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and their husbands. But last-minute changes saw him in the car ride from Windsor to London with Queen Elizabeth II. He also escorted her to her seat inside the abbey.

Others thought that it made sense that they ride together given that they both came from Windsor. They also expected Prince Andrew to be there given that it was a family occasion, but they did not expect that he would be given a prominent role.

Of course she would support her son .. who wouldnt, he's not been found guilty of anything. Paying a 16 yr old who fluffed around with people with money, big boats and dicks isnt against the law. I wouldnt want to see her alone there.

— Leigh (@LoveleeLeigh) March 30, 2022

One source called it "a shame that something that was meant to be a celebration of his father has had a shadow cast over it." Another claimed that it was an insult to victims of sexual abuse to see the disgraced royal resolutely walking beside Queen Elizabeth II.

"This shows just how little the royals understand the public revulsion at Prince Andrew. It's a kick in the face for the victims of sex trafficking to see Andrew ride alongside the head of state like this," journalist Benjamin Butterworth tweeted.

"It's not just an insult to the victims—it's a complete insult towards humanity. They obviously feel nothing for all the pain they have caused. But then again haven't they always done as they pleased?" Juliette Bryant, a survivor of Jeffrey Epstein's sexual abuse, told The Daily Beast.

Likewise, Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer who represented most of Epstein's victims, called it "unfortunate" that Queen Elizabeth II "does not take seriously the issues pertaining to her son." He claimed that by agreeing to have Prince Andrew escort her, she is implying that "she approves of her son's past behaviour."

However, there were those who defended both Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II. Royal historian Hugo Vickers called his role at Prince Philip's memorial "entirely correct and appropriate" and even called it a "nice gesture."

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew
Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew. Getty Images/Joe Maher for Ascot Racecourse