A TV host pointed out the double standard in how the press and the royal family treat Prince Harry now that he is no longer a senior royal. She blasted reports that claimed he is only causing heartache for Queen Elizabeth II.

"Loose Women" host Denise Welch shared her support for the Duke of Sussex following news that Prince Andrew has reached a settlement agreement on his sexual abuse case with his accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre. She tweeted about how the scandal could have impacted the 95-year-old monarch.

She wrote, " Prince Harry constantly gets blamed for bringing heartache & burden to the Queen in her final years. Let's just remember that the Queen is funding this pay-off from Andrew her favourite son."

It is believed that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles loaned Prince Andrew his reported settlement amount of £12 million because he has no money. He is still waiting on the proceeds from the sale of his Swiss chalet which may not even be enough to cover all the expenses that had gone into closing his sexual abuse case.

Meanwhile, fans of Welch agreed with her with one commenting, "It sickens me that Harry and Meghan, who are just 2 people getting on with their life, get worse press than him. How is that?" Another wrote, "My dear, it's called double standards, as in we don't always believe what we read in the papers... except if it's about H&M of course!"

Prince Harry constantly gets blamed for bringing heartache & burden to the Queen in her final years. Let’s just remember that the Queen is funding this pay off from Andrew her favourite son.

— Denise Welch (@RealDeniseWelch) February 15, 2022

However, others accused Welch of idle "tittle-tattle." One user even asked where she got the information that Queen Elizabeth II paid for Prince Andrew's settlement. Another claimed Prince Harry is only adding to the queen's burden "big time" because he wants to "expose his family when he has been given everything and every opportunity for the best of everything.

"Both of them are bringing heartache to the Queen. It's not an either-or situation," one more commented.

Welch has long been a great supporter of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. She even previously aired her frustration that she could not be there in an episode of "Loose Women" to defend the Duchess of Sussex from criticism aired by her fellow host.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II
"Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members," Queen Elizabeth stressed in her statement Photo: POOL / John Stillwell