Queen Elizabeth II was known to be her son Prince Andrew's protector and with her gone, it is said he fears being kicked out of his Windsor home at the Royal Lodge amid King Charles III's plans for a slimmed-down monarchy.

The monarchy reportedly owns over 500,000 acres of land across the U.K. and various properties. But if His Majesty pushes through with his plan for a reshuffle, then this means those lower down the pecking order might have to leave their royal residences, according to Barrons.com.

The Duke of York, who quit his royal duties in 2019, has been living at the £30 million Royal Lodge on the grounds of Windsor. He is reportedly worried about losing his 31-bedroom home, which he still shares with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. It is understood that they are waiting to be given the notice to leave.

But a source told The Sun that King Charles III is unlikely to make a decision soon so Prince Andrew and Ferguson are "safe for now." The insider acknowledged that "they are no longer under the protection" of Queen Elizabeth II. But it would allegedly "seem callous to throw them out so soon after she died."

"But if he's doing no duties and rattling around a £30 million mansion during the cost-of-living crisis, then it's a terrible look," the insider added.

If Prince Andrew does leave, then it is expected that he will be compensated for the money he spent refurbishing the Royal Lodge. He signed a 75-year-lease on the property and if told to vacate the home, then he would reportedly get an estimated £7 million in compensation.

Aside from losing his Windsor home, there are also reports that King Charles III wants to remove him as Counsellor of State along with Prince Harry. After all, they are no longer representing the monarchy as working royals. Without this title, then the Duke of York will no longer be able to represent or undertake the British monarch's duties in his absence.

Moreover, royal author Tina Brown said that with Queen Elizabeth II gone, then Prince Andrew's days in the public eye are officially over. She said Her Majesty's funeral may even be the last people saw of the Duke of York.

There were several arrests in Edinburgh, after Prince Andrew (R) was heckled during a procession behind his mother's coffin
Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince Andrew march behind their mother, Queen Elizabeth II's coffin.