The death of Queen Elizabeth II also marked the end of Prince Andrew's public appearances for good, according to author Tina Brown, who referred to Her Majesty as her son's "protector."

The author of "Palace Papers" talked about the importance of the Queen to the Duke of York during a discussion about the state funeral on Tuesday's episode of "Lorraine." Host Lorraine Kelly mentioned the disgraced royal's name when she referred to reports that King Charles III plans to "streamline" the monarchy.

Brown figured that Queen Elizabeth II's funeral was probably the "last time" Prince Andrew would ever appear in public. After all, he no longer has his "protector" and the chances of him returning to public life or royal duties again are said to be slim with his older brother now the monarch. King Charles III is believed to not want him to represent the monarchy ever again because of the scandal he caused with his sexual abuse case.

"Do you think that there will be a trimming down? They have talked about that, haven't they? That there's going to be a core of royals," Kelly asked adding, "And then, for example – I'm talking about Andrew. Do you think that with Andrew that's it? Because his mum was protecting him, wasn't she?"

To which Brown replied, "That's it for Andrew. Absolutely, you saw how bereft he looked because his one protector has gone at this point. Andrew is done. That was his last time I think that we'll see him in public life."

Prince Andrew has quit public life since 2019 because of his association with the convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Queen Elizabeth II also stripped him of his patronages and royal titles in January 2022.

Prior to attending funeral events for his mother, his last public appearance was at the memorial service for Prince Philip in April. He was given the major role of walking Queen Elizabeth II down the aisle to her chair. His appearance stunned the public given that it was only in March that he settled his sexual abuse case out of court with his accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

It remains unclear though if King Charles III will prevent Prince Andrew's return to public life. According to reports, the new monarch plans to remove the Duke of York as one of the Counsellors of State along with Prince Harry, because they are no longer working royals.

There were several arrests in Edinburgh, after Prince Andrew (R) was heckled during a procession behind his mother's coffin
Prince Andrew walked behind Queen Elizabeth II's coffin alongside his siblings King Charles III, and Princess Anne.