Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles refused to let Prince Andrew go through an embarrassing deposition in his sexual abuse case and urged him to pay his accuser instead.

The Duke of York had requested a trial by jury in his suit against Virginia Roberts Giuffre, but a royal source claimed that the Prince of Wales had qualms about his younger brother's decision. He reportedly met up with their mother first at Windsor Castle to discuss the case before he wrote to his sibling to urge him to "see sense."

They feared that the 61-year old would only embarrass himself and get "skewered" by the plaintiff's lawyer, David Boies. It is said that they do not want a repeat of the duke's Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis in November 2019.

In their discussion, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II talked about how they could financially help Prince Andrew with the settlement. The source claimed that they "prepared a bridging loan so that Andrew's lawyers could confidently make the offer."

It is believed that the duke's legal team made Guiffre a deal of around £12million during the weekend. It was a swift action from the Prince of Wales and Her Majesty, who saw the date of the deposition on March 10 as "the final straw of all final straws."

"Charles and the Queen could not countenance him giving a deposition. They shut it down as soon as the date was settled. It is a case of soft love as well - they are saving Andrew from himself," the source said adding, "Andrew famously thought his Newsnight interview went well. They weren't letting him be skewered by a lawyer. They also couldn't wait to see how much money will be left from the sale of the chalet."

The royal family can sigh in relief knowing the case will already be closed before the deposition and the memorial service for Prince Philip, which Prince Andrew is expected to attend. But the Duke of York would have to pay Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II the money they loaned him. It is said that he is counting on the sale of his Swiss chalet, his allowance from his mother, and possibly his Navy pension to pay the bills.

Prince Andrew and Prince Charles
Prince Andrew and Prince Charles Peter Nicholls/Reuters