A royal expert claimed that Prince Andrew's stubbornness to retreat from public life after he settled his sexual abuse case in February will remain a big problem for the royal family.

The Duke of York was barred by Prince Charles and Prince William from joining Monday's Garter Day ceremony over concerns that his appearance could damage the reputation of the monarchy. A family discussion eventually led to him being allowed to join private moments of the day instead.

Talking about the disgraced royal, the Daily Mail Editor Richard Eden said that the Duke of Cambridge and his father made the right decision to stop Prince Andrew from appearing in public. He said, "This was an example where he was saying 'enough is enough,' no way am I going to be there.' It would have been a terrible look, it's good, it's reassuring that William knows that and he knows how damaging that is."

The 62-year-old was reportedly left "crushed and confused" by the snub. Speaking about his reaction, assistant editor Kate Mansey said that the decision shows "the modernisation of the monarchy in real-time."

She explained, "Here you've got your birthright, but for the first time you don't just have to be born into your HRH, this is a totally new thing, that you have to continue to deserve it. Andrew feels very sore about it."

She added that the palace, Queen Elizabeth II, and other senior royals, including Prince William and Prince Charles "are stepping in to protect the monarchy, saying 'no no, the monarchy is not something you're born into anymore, this is a privilege and you have to deserve it.'"

However, royal expert Rebecca English warned that Prince Andrew will continue to push for his return to public life. She pointed out the fact that he still "attended the private lunch and the investiture at Windsor Castle" during Garter Day.

English said Prince Andrew's stubbornness will continue to be a problem for the royals. She claimed that his presence at private gatherings is "indicative of his state of mind, he is being dragged, screaming and kicking to actually take a proper step back." She claimed this is the reason why the Duke of York is "going to be a running sore for the family certainly for the foreseeable future."

Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II at Prince Philip's memorial on March 29. Photo by: RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images