Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles were caught acting like naughty schoolchildren on their recent tour of Canada.

Footage has emerged of the royal couple secretly giggling while watching an Inuit throat singing performance, proving they can still share some laughs after more than four decades.

Filmed in June, Charles, 68, and Camilla, 69, are seen watching two singers perform the traditional music at a welcoming ceremony during their visit to Iqaluit, Canada's Arctic capital.

Clearly not accustomed to the native singing, Camilla is the first to break her composure and is seen trying to stifle laughs with her hand. The Duchess of Cornwall's giggles prove to be infectious as Prince Charles then descends into fits of laughter.

The royal couple did seem appreciative of the music and were pictured greeting the two female singers after the performance.

Also known as katajjaq, Inuit throat singing is typically performed by women and tests stamina to see who can last the longest without losing their breath. The competitor who is unable to fill the gaps without singing, inhaling or exhaling simply stops or laughs before being replaced by another singer.

Charles and Camilla are known to have bonded over their similar sense of humour when they met more than 40 years ago.

In April, royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith detailed their common personality traits in her new book, writing: "In Camilla, the Prince found not only a sympathetic ear but also warmth, vivacity and a goofy sense of humour. When she walked into a room, said Patrick Beresford, 'your spirits rose, because you know you were going to have a laugh.'"

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall's trip to Canada coincided with the country's 150th birthday which fell on 1 July. During the three-day tour, the couple joined celebrations to mark the anniversary and also met both veterans and serving members of the armed forces at a memorial in Trenton, Ontario in honour of Canadian soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

Camilla and Charles
Right royal laugh: Prince Charles and Camilla are known for their shared sense of humour Getty