Prince Charles is back to work just days after winning his battle with COVID-19 and has been adapting to virtual ways to continue performing his royal responsibilities. In addition to his duties, Prince Charles gifted his followers with a special podcast on the occasion of Easter.

The British royal family traditionally celebrate Easter with an annual Sunday church service. Though the royals could not come together this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, they still found ways to extend well wishes to their followers.

However, the Prince of Wales went out extra miles and treated his followers with a podcast over the weekend. For his podcast debut, the 71-year-old recorded a reading of John 20 1 – 18 earlier this week, for Westminster Abbey's Abbeycast series. The reading tells the story of Jesus' resurrection and was also featured in a video Eucharist service from Canterbury Cathedral, reports Hello!

The podcast was announced when Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, who recently celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary as well, took to Clarence House's Instagram account to wish their one million followers a Happy Easter. Alongside the photos of the daffodils in front of Canterbury Cathedral in Kent and blossom trees outside Westminster Abbey in London, Clarence House wrote: "Wishing you all a very Happy Easter. Today you can listen to The Prince of Wales reading the Gospel for Easter Day services hosted online by Westminster Abbey and Canterbury Cathedral."

"Despite having closed their doors, @westminsterabbeylondon and @no1cathedral will lead prayers for Christians who find themselves separated from their churches during this special Eastertime," the pair's office further informed.

Queen Elizabeth II also recorded a special message for her country on the festival, in which she assured the people that "coronavirus will not overcome us."

In the televised address that was recorded at Windsor Castle, the British monarch said: "Many religions have festivals that celebrate light overcoming darkness. Such occasions are often accompanied by the lighting of candles. They seem to speak to every culture, and appeal to people of all faiths, and of none. They are lit on birthday cakes and to mark family anniversaries, when we gather happily around a source of light. It unites us."

Prince Charles
Britain's Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are currently self-isolating in Scotland Photo: POOL / Victoria Jones

Meanwhile, Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, also took to Kensington Palace's Instagram account to extend Easter wishes. Alongside an image of daffodils outside their official London residence, Kensington Palace, the couple wrote: "Wishing you all a safe and happy Easter."