Prince Charles apparently shares a special bond with his first grandchild Prince George, and it is quite evident from the setup of his private office at his Scottish Highlands home. The royal followers were quick to notice some adorable pictures of Prince William and Kate Middleton's eldest son in his grandfather's office.

According to People, the pictures caught royal observers' attention when the Prince of Wales released his first video message from his Birkhall home office on Wednesday. It was his first address after he came out of a week-long self-isolation for being tested positive for COVID-19.

In his video, the prince honoured the healthcare and other essential public service workers who are tirelessly working at the frontline in the battle against coronavirus pandemic that is fast spreading around the world. The four-minute-long message was delivered from his study in the Brikhall home which houses tons of books and personal family photos on display. One of the few framed photos includes a picture of his mother Queen Elizabeth II, father Prince Philip, and his grandmother the Queen Mother.

Another frame that grabbed the attention of the audience was just behind the royal heir's right shoulder. It is a picture of Prince George, the third in the line of the British throne. Little George is wearing a blue and white jumper and a sun hat.

The picture is reminiscent of a picture of Charles and George from the 71-year-old prince's video recorded message in support of Earth Hour in 2015. In the picture, the grandfather was seen holding the baby endearingly in his arms.

As per the report, the grandfather-grandson duo share what is described as a "special relationship." Together, they have performed some special activities including planting trees at Charles' Highgrove House in 2015.

This is not the only time the royal heirs have shared a frame together. There are several pictures of the duo that followers have loved in the past. One of the most loved pictures was of the four inheritors of the crown, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George.

Prince Charles
The Duchy of Cornwall said Prince Charles did not have any “direct involvement in investment decisions”. Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

The picture was shared on January 4 to mark the start of the decade.