A body language expert claimed that during his promotional interviews for "Spare," Prince Harry showed contempt and gave a lopsided smile to show a feeling of superiority over Prince William.

The expert, Adrianne Carter, used the Duke of Sussex's TV appearances on "60 Minutes" with Anderson cooper and on "The Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to draw her observations. She said the 38-year-old showed "a really strong facial expression of contempt – pursing the lips" when he told Colbert, "My words are not dangerous, the spin of my words are very dangerous."

She explained as quoted by OK!, "Contempt means 'I feel superior and I really don't like what I'm seeing or hearing.'" Meanwhile, in his interview with Anderson Cooper on "60 Minutes," Prince Harry allegedly claimed superiority over Prince William when the interviewer talked about his older brother's baldness.

Cooper read out loud a passage from the duke's memoir "Spare" which reads, "I looked at Willy, really looked at him, maybe since the first time since we were boys, I took it all in, his familiar scowl which had always been his default in dealings with me, his alarming baldness more advanced than my own."

The Duke of Sussex allegedly showed his true feelings at the mention of Prince William's hair loss. Carter pointed out, "We see a really telling clue from Harry's facial expression when he talks about William's baldness – we see the one-sided half smile – he's quite proud of the fact he isn't as bald as his brother."

She also suggested that the duke is conflicted about his current feelings towards Prince William because he frowned when he said that he "loves his brother deeply."

Prince Harry also did an interview with ITV's Tom Bradby and with Michael Strahan on "Good Morning America" ahead of the release of "Spare" on Jan. 10. The royal family has yet to comment on the revelations and criticisms the duke heaped upon them in his interviews and in his memoir. They have kept a dignified silence and carried on with their public engagements instead.

Prince Harry and Prince William
Prince Harry and Prince William Getty Images/Gareth Fuller