Prince Harry has been extraordinarily active in his public life in the past year, which saw him quitting his royal duties, starting a new charitable organisation in the United States, and signing up for a number of jobs and careers simultaneously. In addition, he recently announced that he is working on a memoir at just the age of 36.

According to a friend of the Duke of Sussex, the royal has put a pedal on the things he wants to do because he fears he would lose his prominence and his position to make people listen in just a few years. He is particularly confident that his niece Princess Charlotte and nephews Princes George and Louis- the children of his brother Prince William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton, will be the ones who steal the limelight from him.

In a recent conversation with the Sunday Times, his pal claimed, "Harry has always been in such a rush to make an "impact", because he thinks he has a limited shelf-life before the public want to hear more from George and his siblings and he worries that after that, he'll turn into his uncle (Prince Andrew)."

The friend further explained that Harry harbours a "Prince Andrew complex," as his uncle also was pushed out of the spotlight as he moved further down the royal line of succession, despite being Queen Elizabeth II's second son and second-in-line at the time of his birth.

Harry, who has quit royal life like Andrew, although for completely different reasons, has himself also admitted being afraid of losing his impact over time. He previously told the outlet that he would use his "privileged position" for "good stuff" for as long as he can, or until he becomes boring, "or until [Prince] George ends up becoming more interesting."

The then 31-year-old added, There's nothing worse than going through a period in your life where you're making a massive difference and then suddenly ... you drop off. You want to make a difference but no one's listening to you."