Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took their controversial private jet flight to and from France, the royal couple stayed silent about the issue. Harry finally had something to say in his family's defence, during the launch of his eco-tourism project, Travalyst. The Duke of Sussex justified the trip by saying it was carbon neutral, rare and for the family's safety.

By travelling in a private jet, the eco-warrior royals produced seven times the carbon emissions than they would have on a commercial flight. Even though celebrities rallied in support of the royal couple, very few people were convinced by the excuses given.

During his conversation with the press in Amsterdam, the Duke of Sussex finally shared his opinion and reasons. According to reports by The Sun, Harry said that the family took private jets on rare occasions and it was to ensure the safety of his family.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry. Getty

Prince William flew his entire family to and from Scotland on budget airline Flybe. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge taking budget flights for their Balmoral holiday contradicts Harry's excuse about safety.

Reiterating what Elton John said as a defense to the couple's jet setting holiday, Harry said that the journey was carbon-neutral due to the donations they made to a carbon-neutral charity. The Duke admitted that nobody is perfect. However, he also preached that everyone should strive to be better.

To launch the Travalyst initiative, Prince Harry took a commercial flight to Amsterdam. Since their split from the Royal Foundation Charity, the Travalyst is the first initiative by the Sussex charity. The charity's website has the Duke of Sussex' speech, which states that Travalyst aims to "turn one of the world's biggest problems into one of its greatest solutions."

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan pointed out in a tweet that Harry was "preaching" what he did not practice.

The Sussexes' growing bad reputation might have triggered their recent contact with Sunshine Sachs. The reputed public relations firm is known for handling the PR crises faced by the likes of Michael Jackson and Harvey Weinstein. Meghan Markle is said to have hired the firm, and in doing so, has gone against royal protocol, according to The Daily Mail.