Pressure for Queen Elizabeth II to remove Prince Harry as Counsellor of State continues, but the monarch may not have jurisdiction over such a decision.

As a Counsellor of State, one must live in the U.K. and represent the British monarchy. The Duke of Sussex no longer satisfies both requirements because he now lives in Santa Barbara, California with Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie and Lilibet. They have also both relinquished their royal duties since January 2020.

It is then understandable why people would want the 37-year old removed as a member. But according to royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, it is likely that Prince Harry will keep this royal duty because only Parliament can remove him.

"At present, there are four Counsellors of State. Two or more would act in the event that the monarch is incapacitated," he explained in an interview with Entertainment Daily.

Aside from Prince Harry, his brother Prince William, father Prince Charles, and uncle Prince Andrew are also Counsellors of State. There have also been calls for Queen Elizabeth II to strip the Duke of York of the title, given his recent sexual abuse scandal.

However, Fitzwilliams explained, "It is Parliament who could alter this, there is obvious speculation about Prince Andrew's position after he has been forced to step down from royal duties in disgrace. There has been speculation about Prince Harry's status as he is currently resident in California."

He called it "problematic" since Prince Harry and Prince Andrew "are currently not undertaking royal duties."

The royal expert suggested that ideally, the solution would be for Parliament to make changes to the rules that would include Queen Elizabeth II's other children. Princess Anne and Prince Edward could be added as Counsellors of State. But this move could "risk provoking a strong response from the Sussexes."

Fitzwilliams said that "Parliament may conceivably remove Prince Andrew." If Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II had not been able to perform their duties when they tested positive for COVID-19, then the responsibility would shift to Prince William and Prince Harry. He expressed his doubt, however, that Parliament will make any changes to the members of the Counsellors of State.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Queen Elizabeth II
"Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members," Queen Elizabeth stressed in her statement Photo: POOL / John Stillwell