Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly trying to keep a low profile following the criticism over the duke's memoir "Spare." The Duke of Sussex released his book on Jan. 10 to mixed reviews.

There were those who found it an interesting and enlightening read while others were left bothered by the revelation of some intimate details. These include his "frostbitten penis" and his recollection of how he lost his virginity to an "older woman" on a field behind a pub. Even comedians like Jimmy Kimmel made a mockery out of his recollections.

But throughout his memoir, the 38-year-old spoke about the royal family. He shared some damaging revelations about King Charles III, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. While the royals have kept a dignified silence, the public has accused Prince Harry of constantly criticising his family and are urging him to stop.

According to Closer magazine, the backlash surrounding "Spare" was certainly not what Prince Harry expected. The negative response has reportedly urged him and Meghan Markle to take a step back. "They understand that it's probably best if they're not talking publicly for the moment."

The backlash has allegedly prompted them to "lay low and think hard about their next moves." The publication claimed that the Duke of Sussex has "been left upset by the reaction to some of the things he wrote and is desperate to have some time out of the spotlight." This is reportedly why he and Meghan Markle are "taking the stance to not speak out now and stay quiet until some of the reaction dies down" as "they don't want to let all this tear them apart anymore."

The magazine's claims came after unconfirmed reports that the Duchess of Sussex was left furious over her husband's memoir. It had reportedly left her humiliated and concerned about her image because he allegedly made her sound like a crazy person for always crying while she was living in the U.K.

However, claims that Prince Harry is upset by the criticism and that he and Meghan Markle are keeping a low profile following the backlash remain unconfirmed. It is true that the duchess stayed out of the spotlight while her husband promoted his memoir through various TV interviews.

Britain's Prince Harry's autobiography 'Spare' displayed at Waterstones bookstore, in London
Britain's Prince Harry's autobiography 'Spare' displayed at Waterstones bookstore, in London Reuters