Prince Harry did not make changes or add details to his memoir "Spare" after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, according to royal author Omid Scobie.

According to reports, the Duke of Sussex added details about his grandmother's funeral and toned down some of the contents of his tome after he reunited with his family in the U.K. in September. He allegedly gave readers insight into what happened behind the scenes after the Queen died at Balmoral on Sept. 8 up to the events leading to the state funeral on Sept. 19 as it would be what his publisher, Penguin Random House wanted.

Best-selling author Jeffrey Archer even shared his fears that Prince Harry's memoir will only further strain his relationship with the royals as he said, "I fear for the book. I know they're writing the chapter on the funeral, so I suppose that's what the book will end on."

However, Scobie, co-author of "Finding Freedom," denied these claims. He said there were "no last-minute rewrites or edits" as the manuscript for "Spare" was finished months before the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

"SPARE's manuscript was completed almost five months before the monarch's passing, a detail that will be acknowledged in a note at the start of the book," he wrote in his column for Yahoo News UK.

Elsewhere in his article, Scobie discussed Prince Harry's choice of title for his memoir. He said the 38-year-old chose the "punchy" title "Spare" himself "early on in the process."

"But for a word that has trailed the prince like a shadow, being the spare was one of the most defining aspects of his royal existence. Leaning on the derogatory moniker for a title is Harry finally owning the term after a lifetime of being called it," he explained.

The biographer added, "Now, having created an independent life away from the confines of the royal institution, Harry finally has the chance to set often-inaccurately reported records straight. The freedom of speech. And no matter how you may feel about the man, it's hard not to agree he should have the right to that."

"Spare" will hit shelves on Jan. 10, 2023.

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