King Charles III allegedly does not trust Prince Harry not to divulge royal family secrets in his memoir, and wants to see a draft of the book ahead of its release.

His Majesty is desperate to read what his son's tome contains as he is reportedly worried that it will have damaging revelations. A source told Life & Style magazine in its Oct. 24 issue that the monarch fears whatever his son spills in his memoir could jeopardise his reign.

Likewise, an insider for the Daily Beast said there is "one chapter in particular that could spell big trouble for Charles" but did not say what revelations it contains. As such, King Charles III has "gone into severe crisis-management mode. He knows that Harry holds the key to a closet full of dark secrets. It goes way deeper than simply Harry calling Charles on TV a bad father."

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly made some tweaks to his memoir following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Sept. 8. There have also "been last-minute additions about the queen's legacy, and he's also toned down some parts about Charles."

However, Prince Harry's publisher, Penguin Random House, "expects dirt on the king to get their money's worth." He has reportedly already received $20 million for his tome.

Now King Charles III "wants to see a final draft given Harry's history of throwing his family under the bus." The insider claimed that the monarch "has zero trust in his son and spoke to attorneys about threatening legal action if he doesn't get to see the book before it hits the stands."

His Majesty "pleaded with him one last time to cancel the book, but he won't" and the duke has also "refused to email Charles the final draft and won't take his calls."

Prince Harry has kept details about the contents of his memoir private only revealing that it contains "accurate and wholly truthful accounts" of his life and his experiences. Penguin Random House likewise said that it is "intimate and heartfelt." Rumours have it that it could be damaging not just to King Charles III but also to his wife, Queen Consort Camilla.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry
King Charles III and Prince Harry attend a reception on HMS Bulwark where they met Commanding Officer Captain Nick Cooke-Priest and decendants of the Gallipoli campaign on April 24, 2015. Tristan Fewings/Getty Images