It's been a little over a year since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their decision to quit as senior royals, and while the move changed the British royal family forever, they reportedly "don't regret" it.

Sources close to the couple told People magazine that Harry and Meghan hope that this year can be a "time of healing for their family," adding that the prince will eventually make amends with his elder brother Prince William as well.

Royal historian Robert Lacey says that Harry felt marginalised by the role of "spare," noting that the issue of "heir" and "spare" has affected several generations of royal siblings including Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, the late Princess Margaret. Harry "finally found a solution" to it, which was "essentially to get out and start a new life."

"To stay in the royal system is to go along with subservience to those more senior than you. He has asserted his own identity," Lacey said.

Sources close to the newly financially-independent royals said that it was always their dream to earn their own income and "pay their own way." After achieving this dream by signing whooping deals with Netflix and Spotify a few months ago, Harry and Meghan have started this year "with a lot of excitement and anticipation."

"Harry was finally doing what he'd wanted to do for years, and to have Meghan and (19-month-old son) Archie with him was all he could have asked for," the insider said.

Another source noted that despite everything that has gone wrong with their plans, including their intentions to split time between the UK and US which was spoiled by the coronavirus pandemic, the couple is happy with their decision.

"Despite everything that has been going on this year, they don't regret their move to the U.S. They love that they are able to focus on projects and causes that are important to them," the insider said.

A source said that the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex are "hoping 2021 can be a time of healing not just for the world (amid COVID-19 crisis), but for their family." Insiders also said that "family disagreements tend to lose heat with distance and time," and Harry and William will also make amends in due course.

British royal family at Commonwealth Day service
British royal family at Commonwealth Day service Photo: POOL / Phil Harris