Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have almost completed their transition from senior British royals to financially independent royals. However, there are still some commitments from their former position that they reportedly want to complete. Therefore, they want to extend the Megxit deal with the royal family, which gave them a 12-month buffering period to settle into their new lives.

According to a new report in The Sun, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are negotiating an extension to the royal exit deal and might even visit Buckingham Palace to discuss it with Queen Elizabeth II. The couple, who officially stepped down from their roles as working royals on March 31 this year, were given a year to complete their transition which is set to end on March 31, 2021.

The report claims that the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex will make friendly video calls to senior royals next month, before visiting the UK to have face-to-face talks. The discussion will be "less confrontational" than January's Sandringham summit about the matter which was attended by the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William among others.

During the meeting, happening nearly a year after the couple announced they are quitting as senior royals, they are expected to request to retain their royal patronages. Their recent multi-million dollar deals with Netflix and Spotify will also be discussed to ensure that they meet "the values of Her Majesty."

Sources told the outlet that their roles as patrons in these charities will remain on the negotiating table, along with Harry's military roles which were taken off of him under the deal. The military positions which he left vacant are not expected to be filled until next summer.

The report comes after royal biographer Andrew Morton claimed that Harry and Meghan want to visit the United Kingdom next year and be with the royal family as they celebrate some milestone occasions. The Queen will celebrate her 95th birthday on April 21, the Duke of Edinburgh will mark his 100th birthday on June 10, and a statue of Harry's late mother Princess Diana will also be unveiled on July 1 on what would have been her 60th birthday.

Morton said: "Although they will do some of it by Zoom, Harry wants to meet face to face to tie it all up. Things seem to have calmed down. Harry has been in contact with the Queen more often than you would think. But certain things you need to be there in person to sort. They will need a few weeks. That could be done after April, depending on Covid."

British royal family at Commonwealth Day service
British royal family at Commonwealth Day service Photo: POOL / Phil Harris