After the media frenzy over the Sussexes' luxurious trip to France, the couple's quiet meal at a local pub has calmed many critics. The royal couple seems to have gone back to supporting their words with their actions. Most of the guests at the small pub did not even notice that the Prince had been dining among them with his family.

The Rose & Crown is a traditional village pub which is a local favourite at Winkfield village, Berkshire for its Sunday Roast menu. The cost for a roast lunch can be as low as £15 ($18) at the pub. The royals enjoyed a rustic meal while Harry had a few pints. Meghan Markle was seen drinking water with her meal instead of having an alcoholic beverage.

Staff at the restaurant were informed in advance of the royals' meal plans. Servers and staff at the restaurant did not draw attention to the family, as they enjoyed a meal with their private secretary. Two protection officers were positioned in a way that they did not draw any attention to the Sussexes.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle holds hands at the wheelchair tennis event during the Invictus Games in Toronto Mark Blinch/Reuters

However, a local businessman who was dining with his girlfriend told The Sun that they had recognised the royals. The man shared details of what he observed. He recalled that the Prince and Meghan Markle were enjoying a quiet meal. The Duchess cradled Archie Mountbatten-Windsor most of the time, while the baby was very well behaved. The staff told the businessman that the couple frequented the pub and they were informed in advance of their arrival. Most of the diners did not appear to know of the royals' presence. Even if they knew, the diners gave the couple their privacy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are settling back down to their roles of down-to-earth royals. The people of the United Kingdom always look for instances to criticise royals for excessive spending. By taking a budget flight to and from Scotland for their Balmoral Palace visit, Prince William and Kate Middleton have avoided criticism.

A meal at a local pub might not whitewash the private jet controversy, but it is a step towards normalcy for the Sussexes.