Prince Harry's Chelsea garden
The royal's Sin City shenanigans has earned him the nickname Elvis Presley amongst US troops. Reuters

His infamous nude photo scandal made headlines across the globe, and now it has earned Prince Harry a new nickname.

In the wake of his Sin City shenanigans, the 28-year-old royal has been dubbed Elvis Presley by US marines in Afghanistan.

The party-loving prince, who is currently serving as an Apache helicopter pilot in the war-torn country, has been given the rock 'n' roll moniker by American soldiers who believe that he is "just one of the lads".

"Harry has become a real celebrity around the camp. At first the Marines thought he would be a sit-at-home soldier, but were shocked when he just kept notching up the missions. He has been on some hair-raising runs, but refuses to be treated any differently from the rest of the lads," a source told the Daily Star newspaper.

"A lot of the boys are trying to get Harry to go on another trip to Vegas when their service is done."

The queen's cheeky grandson caused a royal stir after naked images of him playing strip pool in a hotel room during a trip to Las Vegas leaked online.

In one of the embarrassing snaps obtained by gossip site, TMZ, Harry can be seen standing in front of a woman, wearing only a gold ring tied around his neck. He protects his modesty by cupping his crown jewels.

This is not the first time army personal have found a way to make light of the controversy.

In August, more than 30,000 people joined a Facebook group encouraging military staff to strip in support of the third-in-line to the throne.

The group, called Support Prince Harry with a Naked Salute, featured thousands of British soldiers in various states of undress saluting the "nation's favourite royal".