Prince Harry gave an insight into his daily routine at the Montecito mansion he shares with Meghan Markle during Thursday's virtual discussion about mental fitness for BetterUp.

The Duke of Sussex joined tennis ace Serena Williams and BetterUp CEO Alexi Robichaux where they talked about "cultivating the power of Mental Fitness through a bold commitment to Inner Work." He admitted that he meditates among other activities to help with days when he experiences burnout.

"I too experience burn-out. I'm burning the candle at both ends and that's like, boom. That's when you're forced to look inside yourself," he shared adding, "I know that I need to meditate every single day. Once you have to show up for other people, the self-care is the first thing to drop away. I'm happy to admit that — as a husband, as a dad."

The 37-year-old royal said that he takes around half an hour each morning to focus on himself. He admitted that the road towards self-care "can be really bumpy." As for how he takes care of his mental health at home, aside from meditation, Prince Harry shared that he either works out, takes the dogs out for a walk, or gets "out in nature." He takes time for himself when he is not watching his children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 7 months.

"Okay, one of the kids has gone to school. The other one's taking a nap. There's a break in our program," he shared.

As for those days when he experiences a burn-out, the Duke of Sussex said that he knows how his "nervous system will react to situations outside" his control. So what he often does is ask himself, "What do I have in my toolbox that works for me?"

Prince Harry shared that he uses visualisation to "turn negatives into positives and called it his "superpower." He acknowledged that "some days are great, some days are really hard" as he admitted, "I'm always kicking myself - 'If you'd have done this, which you know works for you, you wouldn't be in this state now.' It's work, but of all the work that's pulled towards us, it's the most fulfilling work - apart from being a dad."

Prince Harry
Britain's Prince Harry, a combat veteran who served two tours in Afghanistan, first attended the US Department of Defense Warrior Games in 2013 in Colorado Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / KEVIN WINTER