Prince Harry is being advised to prepare proof if he makes salacious claims about his royal family in his memoir, which is set for release later this year.

It is understood that the book will tell of the Duke of Sussex's life experiences and lessons learned growing up not as "the prince he was born" but as "the man he has become." Expectations are high that he will naturally talk about the British royals. There are also speculations that he might put them in a bad light, especially Prince Charles and his stepmother, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall.

Talking about the memoir with "Royally Us," PR expert Lida Citroen said the excitement about its contents is understandable. She likened it to the "celebrity space" where people get intrigued and curious.

She said, "I think what's interesting is we're all outsiders just looking in, right, and let's face it it's fun to read, it's salacious, it's juicy, it's gossip. Would we want somebody writing about us that way? Of course not, we'd be mortified so I can imagine that they're [The Royal Family] mortified by some of this."

Citroen added, "The royals, again, have a persona, an institution to manage and there's such a wonderful quality to that."

Speaking about the potential contents of the book, she warned the Duke of Sussex against disillusioning the public's perception of the British royal family. Citroen explained, "That's really tricky if you start pointing out where the strings are and you know, what the magic is, what the magician's doing behind the scenes."

She continued, "If you are going to disillusion all that, be really careful where you step because those are some of the landmines, we see in the celebrity space too, right, you start pointing out and pointing fingers, make sure you can back it up."

Citroen's warnings come after royal expert Kinsey Schofield said that Prince Harry may not even criticise his family in his memoir. She thinks that it will not be the "scathing tell-all" that the public speculates and hoped that it is "more of a motivational book than a hit piece."

Prince Harry
Prince Harry joined pop royalty including Jennifer Lopez at a star-studden concert in Los Angeles Photo: AFP / VALERIE MACON