Prince William and Kate Middleton are said to be moving their family to Windsor despite having spent millions of taxpayers' money for the renovation of their home at Kensington Palace.

The couple has reportedly already set their eyes on the four-bedroom Adelaide Cottage as their new home in Berkshire. The property has been left unused for many years, and is not ideal for a family of five. This means another taxpayer-funded renovation could be in the cards to build rooms for their children, Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte.

Royal author Andrew Morton called Prince William and Kate Middleton's decision to move to Windsor senseless. He admitted on the "Pod Save the Queen" podcast, "I don't quite understand why they would move to Windsor when Kensington Palace has just been re-done for them."

He questioned, "What are they going to do with Kensington Palace? It doesn't make sense to me. They are already secure inside Kensington Palace, why do they have to use Adelaide Cottage which was, after all, used by members of the households."

It is said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent £4.5million of taxpayers' money over the course of two years on the renovation of their home, Apartment 1A, at Kensington Palace.

Meanwhile, they privately funded the addition of a second family kitchen. They moved to the apartment in 2013 but it was only in 2017 that they made it their primary home after Prince William retired from his work as an air ambulance pilot in Norfolk.

The planned move, which will happen in the summer in time for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis to enter school, has reportedly left taxpayers "miffed." It is said the family wants to be closer to Queen Elizabeth II who lives in Windsor Castle. Their move is said to be a response to remarks made by Prince Harry on the "Today" show that he wants to make sure that his grandmother "has got the right people around her." They are telling him that they are the right people to be near the Queen and not Prince Andrew, who has been dropping by to see his mother frequently.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and their children
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, with their children Princes Louis and George and Princess Charlotte. Comic Relief/BBC Children in Need/Comic Relief via Getty Images Comic Relief/BBC Children in Need/Comic Relief via Getty Images