Prince William and Kate Middleton appeared to be in their own happy bubble at the BAFTAs last Sunday night, with a body language expert saying that they even showed their cheeky side in public.

Expert Andy Coley said it was clear that the couple enjoyed their time at the ceremony after two years of having missed the event because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Prince of Wales, who has been president of the BAFTAs since 2010, appeared in high spirits as he engaged in natural banter with his wife in front of the cameras and the excited crowd.

"It's clear that Kate and Prince William had a great time at the BAFTAs. They looked like a couple who were showing some fun and intimate public displays of affection," Coley, who is an award-winning NLP Trainer, told OK!

"The red carpet walk in particular showed that they really had affection for each other, from walking side by side, Prince William leaning in to share a joke with Catherine and the pat on the bum that William received," he added, referring to a viral video that shows Kate Middleton appearing to tap her husband's backside as they walked the red carpet.

Coley observed that the couple's interaction with each other seemed "genuine" and looked natural. He said they share "this sense of informal connection and cheekiness" which "is not something people do when they are strained or distant in their relationship."

He pointed at how Prince William walked "with his left arm out towards" his wife which he explained is "almost in a bid for her to hold it, a sign of support." The prince "also leans in whilst walking to chat or share a joke more intimately and is genuinely in conversation and not forcing a march down the carpet."

The body language expert said that the Prince and Princess of Wales seemed to be in their own world at the BAFTAs despite the cheering crowd around them. He said, "It felt like you could imagine the two of them walking along a country lane away from the cameras. They're very much in their own bubble."

Coley's observations come after claims that Prince William had avoided holding Kate Middleton's hand while they walked the red carpet at the BAFTAs. A video showed her allegedly trying to lace their fingers together, but he used that moment to wave at the crowd instead.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Britain's Prince William, Prince of Wales, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, arrive at Boston Logan International Airport on November 30, 2022. Photo: POOL via AFP / John Tlumacki POOL via AFP / John Tlumacki