It is believed that Princess Anne wasn't exactly welcoming towards Duchess Camilla in the initial days after she married her brother Prince Charles, and royal experts claim that this throwback picture is proof of that.

The picture is from the traditional Garter Day, an annual event in June where a grand procession of the knights takes place at Windsor Castle, accompanied by a marching band and Officers of the Order, all in their habits and garter insignia. At the 2005 ceremony, held just two months after Prince Charles's wedding to Camilla, Princess Anne is apparently seen giving a cold shoulder to her new sister-in-law, reports The Mirror.

The picture shows Princess Anne and Prince Charles standing opposite each other while Camilla is in the middle of them, but half a step behind. The siblings have their backs towards Camilla, while Anne's right hand is also raised to her hat blocking her view of her sister-in-law.

Top body language expert Judi James suggests that Princess Anne looked as if she wanted to "exclude" the Duchess of Cornwall by establishing a "barrier" between them.

"There seems to be a sense of exclusion here as Anne stands closer to her brother to apparently push Camilla out of the small group here. She's even raising her arm so that her elbow forms a barrier gesture. Both Charles and Anne look grim-faced here, rather than sociable," James said.

Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon, the narrator of entertainment news channel The List, explained that it is no surprise that Anne wasn't friendly with Camilla as the latter's "entrance into the Royal Family wasn't particularly graceful."

"There was a lot of drama associated with her and Prince Charles' long-lasting, not-so-secret, affair. So it's no wonder that the royals were reluctant to welcome her with open arms. As reported, just two months after Camilla married Charles, Princess Anne seemingly tried to ice Camilla out of a conversation between her and the heir to the throne," she told listeners.

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