Princess Charlotte shares a passion for horses with her great-grandma Queen Elizabeth II, and wishes to get one as a Christmas present.

The young British royal has developed a new obsession for horses and has reportedly asked her parents for a pony for Christmas. But doting dad Prince William is against the idea, since she is still too young to ride one.

"Charlotte takes after Queen Elizabeth and is obsessed with horses," a royal insider told Closer magazine, adding, "She's asked for a pony, but might have to wait until next year because William thinks she's too young."

However, Charlotte's parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, have found an alternative gift that would surely put a big smile on their only daughter' s face. The source shared that Prince William and Kate Middleton got the 4-year-old British royal a toy riding centre. It reportedly "comes with all the accessories and a children's karaoke machine!"

As for their other children, the Duke and Duchess also made sure to get their eldest child, Prince George, a gift for Christmas. They bought him something related to his own passion. The source revealed that the 6-year-old Prince of Cambridge is "really into tennis" and so he has asked his parents for a new racquet and a foosball table.

That is not all. The siblings also get to share cookery sets. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will both be receiving children's cookery sets because according to the source, they love to make a mess in the kitchen. As for Prince Louis, the insider did not mention what Kate Middleton and Prince William got as a Christmas present for their youngest child.

Queen Elizabeth would be pleased to know that Princess Charlotte has developed a love for horses at such a young age. The monarch has a long history with the animals herself. She has been riding horses from an early age and all through her reign.

"The Crown" Season 3 gave a nod to her passion for horses in Episode 5, when she traveled to France and America with her friend Porchey, to look at racehorses. To this day at 93, Queen Elizabeth II still rides horses according to her daughter Princess Anne. It is a passion and knowledge that she can share with Princess Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte
Kate Middleton took the photo of Princess Charlotte at the family home in Anmer Hall AFP/Getty Images