Battlefield 4 problems and issues are being reported by Sony PlayStation 4 players
Battlefield 4 problems and issues are being reported by Sony PlayStation 4 players (Photo: Facebook)

Gaming enthusiasts are hugely disappointed over the bugs and issues they are facing with Battlefield 4 on newly launched gaming console PS4. For many users, the PlayStation 4 version of Battlefield 4 has also picked up some of the attributes of its counterparts on other platforms, particularly crashes and game-breaking bugs.

The numerous issues include frequent crashes, the loss of single player campaign save data, the inability to join a Conquest match and a 64-player server plus other bugs.

Along with some of the larger Battlefield 4 problems on the PlayStation 4, some minor but annoying bugs have popped up, including the lack of in-game BF4 audio in video published using the share function of the PS4.

According to, developers DICE acknowledged issues with the PlayStation 4 version in an update on Battlelog, stating it is "aware of the frequent crashes in Battlefield 4 on PlayStation 4" and that it hopes to release a game update "early next week".

Users have also reported issues with error CE-34878-0, an error that is said to boot players out of the game and corrupt their save file. Fortunately, one Reddit user claims to have found a temporary fix until EA releases a new patch.

"Before starting make sure that Battlefield 4 is not currently playing," reads the user's workaround. "Step 1: Go to Settings -> PSN-> Sign out Step 2: Now offline, start Battlefield 4. Step 3: When you get to the main menu, tap the PS button go to your profile and log into to PSN. Step 4: Now online, select multiplayer and begin playing. Step 5: Play for few rounds until CE-34878-0 error pops up Step 6: Start at step 1 again.

Meanwhile PS4 Glitches Continue to Surface

As per a report in BBC, some users have complained about a blue light continuously flashing on their consoles, affecting their operation.

Sony said this could be triggered by various issues, including a problem with the PS4's power supply, hard drive or hardware or TV compatibility.

Some of the users highlighted the issues on Sony's US PlayStation forum:

"My PS4 turns on, blinks blue, turns white and won't connect to my TV," posted a user.

Another user said: "Mine just blinks blue and I don't get any audio or video. Tried all four of my HDMI cables and checked all of the settings on the TV. Nothing.

"Basically we bought a $400 [£250] paperweight."

The company has recommended that users facing such issues turn off the console completely by pressing the power button for seven seconds. It has also advised users to make sure that the hard drive "is properly seated" in its bay, saying a loose connection can prevent the console from powering on completely.