With 2019 drawing to a close, companies are busy with conference calls discussing financial matters. Nintendo is pleased with its performance as sales from Switch Lite are reportedly doing well. Microsoft, on the other hand, needs to rethink its approach when it comes to video games. Then there is Sony, which appears to have reached an exceptional milestone with the PS4. Despite analysts noticing a slowdown in the company's gaming sector, the system finally overtook the Wii for the second spot of the best-selling console of all time.

Data shows the PS4 climbing up to 120 million units sold, putting it above the Nintendo Wii at 101 million. The two are closely followed by the first-generation PlayStation, which drops to fourth with 100 million lifetime sales. Wccftech notes that the PlayStation 2 remains on top as it boasts sales numbers at a staggering 155 million units. Overall, market experts notice sales slowing down as gamers hold off from buying in anticipation of the PS5.

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Hence, Sony already estimates that holiday season sales might not meet the projected targets. Since last month, the Japanese electronics company has been hyping up its next-generation machine. With Nintendo focusing on extending Switch's life cycle and rumours of an upgrade still being far off, the Xbox Scarlett will be its main hardware competition. Developers working on the PS5 are already teasing backward compatibility beyond the PS4, but Microsoft could have something else in store to entice players.

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Now that the release of the PlayStation 5 is just looming over the horizon, PS4 owners still have a lot to look forward to. Video game journalists are pointing out upcoming Sony-exclusive titles on the way. Hideo Kojima's first masterpiece after leaving Konami "Death Stranding" is shipping next week. Then there's "Ghost of Tsushima," which also got its release date pushed back like "The Last of Us Part II".

Aside from the PS4, Sony seems to be promoting its PlayStation Now service. This is probably in anticipation of Google Stadia's launch and Microsoft's Project xCloud. Meanwhile, analysts reveal that in addition to gaming, the company's image sensor, movie and music divisions are its most profitable.

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