The rumoured PlayStation Meeting that will debut the PS5 is a little over a week away and consumers are ready to learn more about the new game system. A video recently surfaced on the internet purportedly showing the boot-up sequence screen of the console as well as what could be the official retail design of the upcoming product. As expected, it generated a lot of hype for Sony, but it turns out that the video was reportedly fake.

So far, when it comes to the PlayStation 5, the manufacturer has only confirmed some of its features such as the ultra-fast SSD, hardware-based ray-tracing, new interface, a new controller, and others. However, the public is yet to see the final retail design and specifications of the next-generation machine. It seems that the creator wanted to take advantage of the buzz generated by previous leaks.

As more gamers begin to believe the validity of the speculated Wednesday, February 5 official presentation of the PS5, the aforementioned video immediately started trending upon its release. The clip was uploaded to YouTube last week and supposedly made public by mistake, according to an article from BGR. So far, the only images ever of the console are those of the dev kits that were posted online last year.

*Official* PS5 Loading Screen LEAKED! (PlayStation 5 News)


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The footage shows what appears to be a game developer's desk with two monitors side-by-side. The shot was even made to look like it was taken by someone using a smartphone, which explains the shaky camera. The display on the left then shows a boot-up sequence shortly followed by a PS5 logo set on a familiar splash screen akin to that of the PS4.

A controller can likewise be seen just below the left monitor, while the console itself was kept slightly out of the frame possibly to generate suspense. It turns out that it was a masterfully done by a VFX artist who then posted a follow-up video titled "How to win the interwebs. – make a PS5 video," which reveals how the fake leaked footage was made.

It looks like the YouTube user named Oby 1, was just playing a prank on those eager enough to snap up any news regarding the PS5. As with any other purported leaks, it should be taken with a pinch of salt unless it comes from official channels.

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