While there has been a sudden upsurge of Xbox-related news, Sony, on the other hand, is back to it usual tactics. So far, the latest updates from the Japanese gaming titan was the first official PS5 commercial, which highlighted its immersive features. Prior to that, it was an exclusive stream with a hands-on demonstration of the DualSense controller with Geoff Keighley. Now, it seems the rumour mill's afire once again as it was hinted that the PlayStation 5 will officially debut soon.

Recently, the first trailer and gameplay footage for DC Comics' answer to Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics' "Marvel's Avengers" title dropped. "Gotham Knights" sees players take control of popular Batman mainstays such as Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Nightwing.

Developed by the same game studio behind the "Arkham" series, it is slated to launch sometime in 2021. However, NotebookCheck reports that a source hinted at an October 2021 launch for the game on the PS5, PC, Xbox Series X, PS4, and Xbox One.

It was also pointed out that the manufacturer will present a PS5 teardown in November, which most people seem to agree with as the launch window for the console. In 2013, the company apparently did a similar publicity campaign wherein Sony engineering director Yasuhiro Ootori took a PS4 unit apart. The event will be allegedly live-streamed via the official PlayStation Blog and other channels.

Finally, the same source revealed some details about the highly anticipated sequel to 2018's "God of War." It was previously hinted to ship in 2021, but this was quickly shot down by the franchise's director Cory Barlog. Despite reports of Eric Williams helming the next installment, it was implied Barlog will still direct the follow-up title.

Sony unveils the PS5 and its accessories
It appears the contour of the stand should be able to interchangeably hold the console on its side or on its bottom. Photo: Sony

Perhaps the most important information consumers want to learn about the next-generation systems is the pricing. Sony was able to outsell the Xbox One due to its more affordable costs. Microsoft's Xbox chief Phil Spencer stated earlier this year that the Xbox Series X will not lose to the PS5 in terms of price, performance, and software. All of these leaks should be taken with a pinch of salt for now until an official announcement confirms everything.