Fresh from its PS5 announcement last week, Sony is revealing more details about its next-generation game system. For a while now, gaming industry analysts have been speculating about the upcoming home console's pricing when its launches. Earlier, it was confirmed that a new key feature offers superior power consumption performance when the operation is suspended. Hence, in the long run, the cost of owning and operating the device will be lower than the current-generation model.

Sony is closely working with other gaming companies to help reduce carbon emissions. The United Nations Environment Committee will be overseeing the efforts of the Playing for the Planet Alliance. Each member will be approaching the matter respectively, with the goal of encouraging favourable green practices. Nevertheless, reducing energy usage is the ideal target that can make the biggest impact.

With that in mind, Sony wants the PS5 to pioneer the cause by introducing an upgrade to one of its functions. "At SIE, we have made substantial commitments and efforts to reduce the power consumption of the PS4," wrote Jim Ryan, a company executive. He then went on to illustrate that to date, the company's manufacturing processes prevented an estimated 16 million metric tonnes of carbon emissions, according to Daily Star.

PS5 won't waste as much energy as PS4, Sony says

— Eurogamer (@eurogamer) September 23, 2019

Furthermore, the company hopes to go even further up to around 29 million metric tonnes in the next 10 years. In addition to the enhanced Rest Mode, the PS5 could see even more upgrades to make the home console operate efficiently, without wasting too much energy. Over the years, climate change advocates along with researchers, allegedly claim video game systems are likewise to blame for increasing emissions.

For now, it is unclear how engineers could rework the new system even further to lower power consumption. As far as the industry knows, the PS5 will be packing the latest-generation hardware supposedly rivalling high-end gaming PCs.

Features such as ray-tracing, 8K-resolution support, 3D audio and more. Perhaps the best piece of news about the next-generation home console is backward compatibility with PS4 software. It appears that from Sony's standpoint, reduced power consumption can equal to lower costs for both the buyer and the manufacturer.

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