The PS5 showcase finally gave fans what they have been waiting for since hints of the next-generation console surfaced. Following Microsoft's announcement a week before wherein the price and release date were revealed, Sony likewise confirmed what analysts speculated. However, there were still several missing details that will hopefully be discussed before the launch.

PlayStation executive Jim Ryan was recently in an interview wherein the subject regarding the cost of the console came up. Most people speculated Sony originally intended to sell the PS5 at a much higher price but made a last-minute adjustment after Microsoft confirmed how much its game systems will sell for. According to Ryan, the pricing was already finalised early this year as the company wanted to match PS4.

However, the coronavirus pandemic presented a new challenge as major gaming events were postponed. Moreover, manufacturing facilities as well as the supply chain were likewise affected.

"We want to give gamers clarity, we want to give them certainty," said Ryan to the Washington Post. "We want to future proof them so that they know the console they buy will be relevant in several years time. It's a considerable capital outlay, and we want to make sure people know they are buying a true next-generation console."

Unlike the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition, there is a stark contrast in performance between the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series. Whereas Sony's lineup shares similar specifications except for the missing Blu-ray drive, the low-cost console from Microsoft, appears to be at an odd position. It will run next-generation titles, but will be less powerful than the Xbox One X.

Meanwhile, consumers are reportedly concerned about the alleged shortages of the PS5 when it hits retailers in select markets on Nov. 12. A global release will follow on Nov. 19. Next came up the issues regarding the PS4 versions of "Horizon Forbidden West" and "Spider-Man: Miles Morales." Analysts argue that this might prevent the software from taking full advantage of the new hardware's capabilities.

Sony PS5 getting a major UI overhaul
On the other hand, Microsoft hopes to present an optimised version of the existing Xbox One dashboard when the Xbox Series X launches later this year. Photo: Sony

Nevertheless, Ryan assures gamers that the aforementioned two are optimised for the PS5. This is great news for folks who will eventually upgrade their system to the latest one. Finally, he answered what had been nagging people for a while now. The backward compatibility functionality of the console will apparently support around 99 percent of PS4 games.