While Microsoft was busy parading its new game system, Sony's silence was considerably deafening for its fans. The test kits of the Xbox Series X are already accessible for some journalists who wasted no time learning about its most intimate features. Perhaps the pressure from all the criticism finally pushed the Japanese company to make an announcement. The PS5 made its debut in an unconventional manner, which left some confused and others eager to learn even more.

While the public was expecting a more traditional reveal presentation, Sony once again opted for an odd route. Similar to the controversial CES 2020 PlayStation 5 logo debacle, it left fans disappointed. While there were key takeaways such as the technical specifications and some features, the manufacturer did not unveil what it would look like.

So far, the only hint of the PS5's design and form factor comes from the leaked dev kits circulating online. Nevertheless, Sony's lead system architect Mark Cerny was gracious enough to share important details of what the upcoming platform will bring to the table. As TechRadar puts it, on paper, the Xbox Series X is evidently more powerful than the fifth-generation PlayStation.

However, gaming industry analysts are confident that Sony's upcoming lineup of exclusive titles will make up for the aforementioned difference. There' is no way around it but when it comes to the numbers, the machine is technically inferior to the next-generation Xbox. Nevertheless, more power does not immediately equal victory for Microsoft as indicated by the Xbox One X against the PlayStation 4 Pro.

In addition to the overview of the system's performance capabilities, Cerny shared more information about how the console will make gaming even more immersive. He noted that aside from advanced graphics, audio is an integral component that enhances the overall experience. Along with gameplay, a perfect balance between all these elements can deliver a whole new level of enjoyment for the player.

Sony PS5 deep dive with Mark Cerny
While the public was expecting a more traditional PS5 reveal presentation, Sony once again opted for an odd approach not many appreciated. Photo: Sony

Therefore, Sony is implementing a dynamic 3D audio technology that delivers a level of accuracy not heard of before. With a compatible pair of headphones or speakers, gamers will be able to pinpoint the exact location of enemies and distinguish all of the small acoustic nuances.