Ever since Microsoft took the initiative in 2019 with its Xbox Series X, gamers have continuously criticised Sony for its silence regarding the PS5. After revealing everything about the new Xbox, it appears to have pushed its rival to finally share some details about the PlayStation 5. Until consumers hear more about what the next-generation PlayStation brings to the table, there is even more competition.

Last month, Xbox boss Phil Spencer surprised the gaming industry by finally talking about the specifications of its new console. This week, the full disclosure except for the pricing was posted online. Aside from the features, components, and controller, Microsoft finally answered a burning question people had since actual photos of the game system surfaced.

Introducing the Xbox Series X Storage Expansion Card from Seagate: Ready to extend your Xbox Series X with 1 TB of next generation innovation.

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— Xbox (@Xbox) March 17, 2020

What started out from leaked renders and eventually pictures of the Xbox Series X became the subject of debate among experts. While shots showing the front and top section of the machine were readily available, the rear stayed a mystery. That was until insiders were able to secure images of all the ports. While most of the connectivity options were accounted for, there was one unidentified slot. Ars Technica confirms that it is a memory expansion port for extra storage.

Along with the full reveal, Microsoft showcased a one TB SSD expansion card. Journalists who were able to hold one, describe it as compact but heavier than expected. It apparently uses NVMe memory technology that interfaces via a PCI Express 4.0 connection. The company notes that standard USB 3.2 hard drives are still compatible but will be limited for use with software for the older console generations.

Xbox Series X makes its debut
Microsoft surprised those watching The Video Game Awards 2019 with the reveal of the Xbox Series X. Photo: Microsoft

The proprietary memory solution allows the Xbox Series X to take full advantage of its Xbox Velocity Architecture. This feature reportedly allows the console to drastically reduce loading times. Specifications listed a data read speed at a consistent 2.4 GB/s, which is significantly even faster than what high-end SSDs can deliver. To make it more convenient for its consumers, Microsoft is allowing third-party manufacturers to sell expansion cards of their own. However, given its innovative performance, one of these might cost close to a brand new game system.