It is already halfway through February and both Sony and Microsoft are still keeping consumers in the dark. At least the latter is making some headway as of late with Xbox boss Phil Spencer taking to Twitter to talk about E3 2020. Meanwhile, the Japanese company still refuses to make any significant revelations save for a recent earnings call where executives discussed possible pricing. Therefore, people are relying on speculation from supposed insiders. The latest of which was again published on 4Chan and reveals a surprising detail regarding the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Just before 2019 ended, there was a massive leak that allegedly uncovered the technical specifications of each next-generation game system. The details were reportedly taken from AMD internal testing data that was allegedly uploaded on GitHub, which likewise included benchmark test results for comparison. The two upcoming consoles are sourcing critical components from the American multinational semiconductor company.

At that point in time, the numbers were all hinting that Microsoft was clearly at an advantage from Sony. However, if this latest imageboard leak is to be believed, the PS5 appears to be more powerful than the Xbox Series X. BGR published a report based on the uploaded specs that shows the CPU power of each machine. The manufacturers are purportedly using an AMD Zen 2 CPUs that are closely on par when it comes to clock speed.

On the other hand, the GPU shows 12.6 teraflops for the PS5 and 11.8 teraflops for the Xbox Series X – both are on AMD's RDNA 1.5 microarchitecture. Next comes the RAM at 18 GB GDDR4 with 4 GB DDR4 for the former and the latter at 16 GB GDDR4 with 4 GB DDR4. As for the storage, Sony seems to be sticking with 500 GB SSD at 5.5 GB/s, while Microsoft opts for a 1 TB SSD at 3.8 GB/s.

PlayStation Xbox E3
A stand-off between the PlayStation and Xbox stands at E3 2016. Getty Images

If the leaked performance data is accurate, then this puts the PS5 way ahead of the Xbox Series X when it comes to overall performance. Recently a notable upsurge of promotions from Sony gives consumers a feeling that an official announcement will be made soon. In contrast, Microsoft is speculated to fully unveil its new platform during its E3 2020 briefing.