Puppies born green in Spain stunned owners
Puppies born green in Spain stunned owners Aida Vallelado Molina

Puppies in Spain have stunned their owner after they were born with green fur.

Two pups came out of their mother looking drastically different from the rest of the litter, in the province of Valladolid.

Both animals – a male and a female, were weaker than their siblings and the female died soon after birth. The male remained very weak.

Dog breeder Aida Vellelado Molina got a surprise when she first saw the peculiar newborns. "I couldn't believe it when I first saw them," she told The Local.

"I thought the puppies were dirty and tried to clean them, but the colour wouldn't come off."

The animals' frail health is not related to their unusual fur colour according to an expert.

Anna Zorrilla of animal welfare organisation Louisiana SPCA said: "Sometimes, when a puppy is born, the amniotic fluid mixes with the placenta and dyes the coat of the puppy and it almost always happens to very light coloured puppies.

"There are not health concerns - it's really just a discoloration in the birthing process."

Valladolid vet Daniel Valverde said he had never seen another case like it. "There are no other recorded cases of this happening in Spanish scientific literature," he told Laguna al Día newspaper.