They were trying to have a baby together for a decade, but then one day Aynur and Tony were blessed with four in one go.

The only problem was, the future family of six had no home of their own. With quadruplets on the way, being homeless would be a big problem.

Tonight's Channel 4 offering, Quadruplets and Homeless, is quite uncomfortable to watch at points – particularly at the beginning – when viewers are subjected to an intimate conversation between the couple and their four newborn babies.

Luckily, they have Aynur's very traditional Turkish parents to fall back on and move into their north London home. Her folks make no pretence of hiding their hatred for Tony, who is an alcoholic and has lived in a state-benefits-funded bedsit for 25 years.

Her mum says in the show: "Tony is something to do with our daughter, but he will never be anything to do with us."

There are some touching moments when Tony is determined to prove to his partner's family that he will be committed when the babies are born, despite his struggles with alcohol.

There'll be a few cross words as the couple bicker about the discomfort with living in such close proximity to the overtly hostile in-laws, but the adorable babies make it all worthwhile.

It'll no doubt resonate with viewers facing all types of challenges of their own as they start a family.

Quadruplets and Homeless premieres on Channel 4 at 10pm tonight (10 May).