While Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 chip set is dominating the flagship smartphone market this year, a fresh leak points to the next in line Snapdragon chipset - the 830. A Microsoft product description page has accidentally leaked this info by listing the Snapdragon 830 which could suggest the processor featuring on a future Windows smartphone.

The MSM 8998, listed on the site, believed to be the unannounced Snapdragon 830, is mentioned as one of the Snapdragon chipsets that supports a Windows 10 Mobile handset. It also says that the processor is capable of handling a speed of up to 8GB of RAM, a specification that is unthinkable as of now for a mobile device.

Since Qualcomm has yet to unveil the MSM8998, it is far from certain that it may be the 830 itself. A tip came a few days ago of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 featuring a processor called the Snapdragon 823. This could be well that. But it could also be a Snapdragon 830, a much more powerful version of the speculated 823 as previously we have seen many manufacturers using the most powerful chip like the current Snapdragon 820 on high-end flagships and the Snapdragon 625 on the medium-ranged ones.

The chip set being listed on a Microsoft site also means it will be used for a Windows phone and the speculation is that it will be none other than the Microsoft Surface phone which is rumoured to change the face of smartphones, taking it at par with desktops. But if the Snapdragon 823 and the 830 are the same, then we may even see the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 sporting the chip set much earlier.