Quantico returned with a bang on 25 September as it premiered its season 2 featuring series regular Priyanka Chopra in a new role as a CIA agent. Her character Alex Parrish, once again found herself at the centre of a crisis situation as a terror cell jeopardised the life of two important characters during a FBI summit.

Spoilers Ahead: Do not proceed if you have not watched the premiere episode titled Kudove of Quantico season 2 episode 1. Followers of the ABC thriller series can catch up on the episode that aired on Sunday here.

The ABC crime drama is no stranger to killings and brutal deaths, but season 2 took the thrill a notch higher as it showcased the shocking death of First Lady Todd (who was attending the summit with President Todd) in the first episode itself. Chopra, who described the experience of filming the episode as 'gory and scary', was fortunately the only one, who wasn't locked inside with the hostages.

As much as this co-incidence left opportunity for Agent Parrish to save the nation once again, it also hinted at the forthcoming dangers and the big conspiracy of season 2 of the ABC show.

If the words of Quantico showrunner Josh Safran are any indication, no one is actually safe and the death toll seems to be on the rise in season 2. "The first lady was beheaded on national television," he told The Hollywood Reporter adding, "On this show, when somebody's dead they're dead, because in the real world, when people die they are dead. It's about what can happen in a moment. So no one is safe, that's what the world is."

Meanwhile, Chopra dished about her life in CIA's The Farm and opened up about the elements that make it different from the events of the last season in the FBI. "[Alex] is going to be so out of her element in the CIA. She's used to the FBI which was integrity and truth and here's the CIA which is all about immorality and deceit and lies," the 34-year-old actress told the publication.

Watch the trailer for Quantico season 2 episode 2 here:

Clearly, navigating through the deceitful world of CIA would require some amount of grit and "b****s" and that's how agent Parrish's character will be shaping up in the new season, according to Chopra. "She is extremely b****s and she is at the same time, sensible. She's someone who is fearless, she stares right into the eyes of danger and she takes it on."

Amid all the violence, terror attacks and saving the world, will unfold the complicated yet "star-crossed" love story of Alex and Ryan, who have been on and off since season 1. Although their romance seems to be doomed as a scene from the future shows Alex returning the ring, their bond might not be dead yet.

"They're definitely more mature and rely on each other a lot more this season, but they're still star-crossed. You love them and they fight and have this intense passionate bond," Chopra revealed.

Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish in season 2 of ABC series Quantico Quantico/ABC