Priyanka Chopra revealed the first look of Quantico season 2 on her Instagram account on Wednesday, 10 August. With the poster release of the second season of the ABC crime series, a lot of new elements can be expected from the central character of the show Alex Parrish played by Chopra herself.

Sharing the first look of her show's second season that premieres on Sunday, 25 September at 10pm EST, the 34-year-old Baywatch star wrote, "From the FBI to the CIA... Alex Parrish is back! New story, new look and lots of new faces! Season premiere Sept 25th on ABC. Can't wait!"

While the caption aptly sums up the upcoming season, here's a round-up of the things to be expected from the second run of Quantico.

Agent Alex Parrish makes a move from FBI to CIA

Season 1 of Quantico ended on a note of resolution with Liam O'Connor revealed as the mastermind planning all the terrorist attacks and framing FBI trainee Alex Parrish. However, the season finale left Parrish's fate on a cliffhanger as she was fired from the FBI after her heroic act.

Judging the final scenes of the ABC thriller's season 1 episode 22 titled Yes, it seems that Agent Parrish's career is yet not over. She might make a move from FBI to United States of America's top intelligence agency CIA. The fact is further reinforced by the season 2 poster.

Quantico season 2 involves a deadly conspiracy

According to reports, Parrish will be joining CIA's mysterious training facility called The Farm in season 2. As the FBI graduate delves into the world of crime as an agent in the series' sophomore year, she would discover deeper conspiracies that will pose a global threat. In fact the show films in international locations like New York, England, and Mexico in the next season.

"We're very interested in the fact that the FBI's so much about being honest, truthful and living up to your badge and the CIA is the opposite. You succeed if you can deceive. So it's going to be interesting to see. It's like a funhouse mirror of what we've seen," Safran had said teasing the plot earlier.

What lies ahead for Alex and Ryan?

Agent Parrish and Ryan Booth, the FBI agents-cum-lovers had had a tumultuous affair in season 1 of the show. As Chopra's character leaves FBI, her romance with Agent Booth too suffers as she opts out of a holiday with the undercover agent.

However, if the poster for season 2 is any indication, there still might be some hope left for Parrish and Jake McLaughlin's character Booth.

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