Queen Elizabeth II has allowed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to make the use of Buckingham Palace premises for his workout sessions as he recovers from the effects of a severe case of COVID-19.

As the United Kingdom continues to follow lockdown guidelines, the queen has allowed prime minister Boris Johnson to exercise around the landscaped gardens of her official residence, Buckingham Palace. The prime minister, who spent several days in an Intensive Care Unit at St. Thomas's Hospital in London last month after being diagnosed with a severe case of the deadly virus, has started an exercise regime to improve his fitness.

The 55-year-old, who recently welcomed a son with fiance Carrie Symonds, was previously seen exercising in the public. The British monarch has asked him to use the palace gardens, which has an outdoor tennis court and offers more privacy, and is also located less than two kilometers away from UK PM's official residence on Downing Street.

According to Hello, the prime minister was photographed wearing a red T-shirt, blue shorts and trainers, as he arrived at a side entrance to the palace on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile, People magazine released a picture of the leader of the Conservative party returning to his Downing Street residence in the sweaty workout clothes later that morning.

The prime minister usually visits the Buckingham Palace for a weekly audience with the queen, however, the meetings are being held on the telephone as the 94-year-old isolates with husband Prince Philip at Windsor Castle amid coronavirus pandemic. Buckingham Palace is usually open for the public at this time of the year, but the tourist visits were halted in wake of the social distancing measures.

Apart from the Buckingham Palace, the prime minister has also been allowed the use of Lambeth Palace, home of the Archbishop of Canterbury located opposite the Houses of Parliament. Johnson was recently photographed running on the premises with his Dog Dilyn.

The Queen at Olympic Park
Britain's Queen Elizabeth speaks with then London Mayor Boris Johnson as they stand at the top of the Orbit during her visit to the Olympic Park in London Reuters

Meanwhile, the queen who has been isolating at Windsor Castle in Berkshire since March 19, is not expected to return to Buckingham Palace anytime soon. The upcoming birthday of her husband Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is also expected to be celebrated in isolation at the castle. Prince Philip will turn 99 on Wednesday, June 10.