Queen Elizabeth II coronation
Elizabeth II is flanked by the bishop of Durham and the bishop of Bath and Wells as she is crowned Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II, the British monarch, took the crown on 6 February 1952 after the death of her father, King George VI. On 9 September, 63 years and 217 days later, she is set to become the longest-ever reigning British monarch – taking the record from her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria. Though her accession to the throne came in February 1952, it wasn't until 2 June 1953 that she had her formal coronation at Westminster Abbey, with all the royalist pomp and ceremony that entails. After the ceremony had ended, she gave a speech that was broadcast on radio.

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Queen Elizabeth II: Archive video shows 1953 coronation of Britain's longest reigning monarch IBTimes UK

More than 60 years on, as she breaks the record for the longest reigning British monarch, here is the full text of that speech.