The public may have strong opinions against Prince Andrew, but he will always be special to his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. This is why, according to a royal author, he will always have her support no matter what happens.

The Duke of York may have disgraced the Firm because of his sexual abuse scandal and his association with the convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, but to Her Majesty, he will always be the loyal son who bravely defends her from those who speak ill of her.

Speaking on the Mirror's "Pod Save the Queen" podcast, biographer Andrew Morton said, "Prince Andrew has always been absolutely loyal to his mother. He will never hear a word said against her, he has always been intensely loyal."

The author, who wrote "Diana: Her True Story," added that the monarch has also admired the Duke of York's bravery during the Falklands War in 1982. He was an Exocet decoy whose job was to protect the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible from the Argentines who wanted to sink it.

Morton explained, "He was essentially a sitting duck and there as a sacrifice - but as a helicopter pilot, he played a huge role in making sure missiles exploded harmlessly by following a plan."

He said the job "took a lot of guts to do and she very much appreciated that because that conflict cost a lot in blood and treasure for Great Britain. The Argentines had it in their sights that Andrew was their main target so he showed a lot of courage during that period."

Morton added that Queen Elizabeth Ii also appreciates the fact that Prince Andrew "organised the retrieval of works of art" during the fire at Windsor Castle in 1992. The duke reportedly showed not just initiative but also loyalty to the Queen.

"She doesn't forget those things and he has been a very loyal son to her," he said.

This would reportedly explain why the 96-year-old monarch allowed her son to escort her to Prince Philip's memorial at Westminister Abbey in March. She showed her continued support for him amid the criticism. Morton said that Prince Andrew's loyalty is also the reason why Queen Elizabeth II refuses to strip him of his dukedom.

Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Andrew and Queen Elizabeth II at Prince Philip's memorial on March 29. Photo by: RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images RICHARD POHLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images