Lady Susan Hussey, the longest-serving lady-in-waiting for Queen Elizabeth II, is recently making headlines over racism allegations. But she also previously made the news when she reportedly predicted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage will end in divorce.

The 83-year-old was once previously quoted as saying that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's relationship will "end in tears." According to Tom Bower, who wrote "Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors," Lady Hussey made the comment before the couple's wedding in May 2018.

He said, "While discussing the possibility that Meghan might become linked with the National Theatre after the wedding, Hussey became unexpectedly serious about the couple's future."

She allegedly said of the Sussexes' relationship, "That will all end in tears. Mark my words." Bower likewise claimed that Queen Elizabeth III entrusted Lady Hussey to help Meghan Markle adjust to royal life.

Meanwhile, a source told Page Six that she accompanied the Duchess of Sussex and the late monarch on their first joint engagement to Cheshire back in June 2018. Another palace insider claimed that Prince Harry and Prince William are "used to Lady Susan being around. She was so close to the family that King Charles appointed her as one of William's godmothers and Harry and Meghan were fond of her."

King Charles III even asked her to stay in the palace in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death in September. Her daughter, Lady Katherine Brooke, was recently announced as one of Queen Consort Camilla's aides.

However, Lady Hussey may no longer be working for the royals if reports are true that she was the alleged senior staff membervwho made racist comments to one of Camilla's banquet guests on Tuesday, Nov. 29. She allegedly barraged Sistah Space founder Ngozi Fulani with questions about her origin, which the latter found discriminating.

Fulani shared her experience on Twitter and did not name-drop the aide but called her "Lady SH" instead. A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace said the individual has resigned after expressing deep regret but did not confirm if it was Lady Hussey.

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