US rapper Mack Maine has been charged with sexual battery after allegedly groping a female fan and punching her female friend on Lil Wayne's tour bus.

Rachel Reed and Cailey Maddox claimed they were invited on board the tour bus to meet the 31-year-old hip-hop star.

TMZ reported that that the duo were chatting with the Fortune Teller hitmaker when he allegedly "put his hand down Rachel's dress and grabbed her right breast". She had not given her consent, the site reported.

"Rachel got upset and when she and Cailey tried to leave the bus, [Mack Maine] held the door shut," court documents stated.

At this point, Maine allegedly attacked Cailey: "Once the door was opened, Cailey was walking down the steps but turned and looked back to call for Rachel and [Mack] punched her in the face, breaking her jaw and knocking her down."

Cash Money president Maine, whose real name is Jermaine Preyan, has worked with the likes of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Talib Kweli and T-Pain.

He did not comment on the allegations.